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All the training you need to be successful

Structured courses to provide you and your staff with all the key skills to grow your salon.


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Why choose joelle training?


You will save time and energy in your business

Joelle courses are pragmatic, practical and allow you to achieve your goals.


You will train all the salon staff to the fullest

The Joelle formula includes courses intended for both owners and collaborators.


You will have access to a complete program

You will transform social media into digital showcases for your salon, effortlessly.

Opening – Salone del futuro

Degradé treated as a tool for growth, determining the goals of the group and how to organize and manage your team.

Salone online and action marketing

Effective and perfect marketing strategies to acquire new customers and tell the reality of your salon.

(H)Air Volume Cut

Base techniques of the exclusive vertical (H)Air Volume Cut

(H)Air Volume Cut Junior

Advanced (h)air volume cut lines, customer management, collaborator management and personal growth.

(H)Air Volume Cut Master

Advanced fashion lines and perfectioning the (H)Air Volume Cut technique with its Creator: Claudio Mengoni.

Degradé and color – Reading a photo

Perfectioning the degradè technique: diagnosis, colors and manual skills.

Color World Wella

General overview of color and basics of Wella colorimetry.

Base Degradé

Degradé base techniques: we teach how to treat natural hair, with streaks or shatus.

Advanced Degradé

Next step of the degrade: we teach how to cover gray hair.

Degradé on a model

Last step: degradé performed on a model provided by the salon.

National convention

End of year party where Miss Degradè is elected; managerial speeches by special guests will take place.

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Joelle training is always close to you, both offline and online

Courses are available in 20 training centers throughout Italy. Training also takes place online on the Joelle Community or Joelle Portal.

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