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Training, consultancy and strategy to make your salon BIG.

All-around support for your salon to allow you to achieve concrete and successful goals.

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Joining Joelle means making your salon unique. Your passion and our method are the perfect match for success.

When art, technique and innovation meet

The art of vertical coloring

Degradé has revolutionized the world of hairstyling for over 25 years. A vertical coloring technique which allows to get a more natural, personalized and lasting effect.

Degradé gets more beautiful over time and the customer will no longer have regrowth issues, therefore delaying the usual appointment for color retouch.


What is the Degradé technique

aumentare clienti del salone
Wella Professionals

The best products for the best results

For over 20 years, Joelle styling has been possible thanks to the unmistakable quality and high performance of Wella Professionals products.

How to get more revenues for your salon: is Degradé enough?

Through the Joelle formula, Degradé becomes a growth tool for your salon.

The first complete salon formula in italy

Degradé Joelle is the perfect annual membership formula which integrates unique services, salon management, marketing and professional training, all in the same package.

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Specialized consultancy

consulenza marketing

Salone Futuro method

The consultancy allows you to optimize all the internal dynamics of your salon, from the customer flow to staff productivity.

Thanks to Salone del Futuro, every aspect of the salon will be under your control.

  • Successfully integrating Degradé in your salon.
  • Increase the average earning per customer
  • Increase in productivity
  • Hiring staff
  • Increase in turnover
  • Advanced management of your salon's internal dynamics

Salone Online method

The consultancy allows you to have an effective marketing strategy and to undertake a social management that delivers results.

Our team of marketing experts will always be at your disposal.

  • Learning FB skills
  • Learning IG skills
  • Proper management of the FB editorial plan
  • Proper management of the IG editorial plan
  • Management of sponsored works (by the coach)
colorazione verticale cos'è colorazione verticale cos'è

Start your entrepreneurial journey today. Stylistic technique, Salone Futuro and Salone Online will provide you with all the tools to level up.

All-inclusive training

formazione per parrucchieri

The training courses

A complete training offer of 20 days, which allows you to quickly and easily learn the styling techniques created by the Joelle group.

Opening – Salone del futuro

Degradé treated as a tool for growth, determining the goals of the group and how to organize and manage your team.

Salone online and action marketing

Effective and perfect marketing strategies to acquire new customers and tell the reality of your salon.

(H)Air Volume Cut

Base techniques of the exclusive vertical (H)Air Volume Cut

(H)Air Volume Cut Junior

Advanced (h)air volume cut lines, customer management, collaborator management and personal growth.

(H)Air Volume Cut Master

Advanced fashion lines and perfectioning the (H)Air Volume Cut technique with its Creator: Claudio Mengoni.

Degradé and color – Reading a photo

Perfectioning the degradè technique: diagnosis, colors and manual skills.

Color World Wella

General overview of color and basics of Wella colorimetry.

Base Degradé

Degradé base techniques: we teach how to treat natural hair, with streaks or shatus.

Advanced Degradé

Next step of the degrade: we teach how to cover gray hair.

Degradé on a model

Last step: degradé performed on a model provided by the salon.

National convention

End of year party where Miss Degradè is elected; managerial speeches by special guests will take place.

The training centers

All courses are available on as many as 20 training centers throughout Italy. When you join, you can choose the one closest to you.

Growth strategiesa

Degradé Joelle is the perfect affiliation formula, lasting one year, which integrates unique services in the same package.

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Package recap

Thanks to the complete Joelle formula you can give an extra boost to the growth of your salon.

Exclusive use of the brand

All training courses

Salone futuro

Salone online

Access to technology and strategies

Promotional material

Wella professionals product pack

Go-flash management *

First year goals

In just 12 months, you’ll already be able to see the first improvements and you can choose whether to continue your way to success or not.

aumentare prezzi medi
aumento clienti mensili
aumentare fatturato

Long-term goals

Your brand will become strong and recognizable, you will become the manager of your business and you will finally achieve the success you want.

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come fare il degrade come fare il degrade

Choose success, choose Degradé Joelle

Get access to unique styling techniques, discover a new effective management method and become part of a strong and tight group.