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Management consulting

Turn your salon into a perfect machine

Salone del Futuro® is the method to optimize every aspect of your beauty salon.


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See how Salone del Futuro® method will improve your salon

See how Salone del Futuro® method will improve your salon

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What will change in your salon thanks to Salone del Futuro® method


You will increase staff productivity

Collaborators will no longer be a "cost". All of them will create turnover from day 1.


You will save time by simplifying management

Thanks to a more efficient staff workflow.


You will increase both your average earning per customer and your turnover

You will have total control over the flow of customers in the salon: both new and regular ones.

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You will be followed by your personal coach, who will guide you throughout your journey

The coach analyzes your salon data and gives you precise instructions on what to do and what decisions to make to achieve all your goals.

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Listen to the experiences of the owners who have applied the Salone del Futuro® method

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